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According to The Weather Channel it’s 18 degrees F. outside with a wind chill of 8 degrees F.  School was cancelled for today due to the weather, which is a good thing for my daughter because she was sick with a high fever yesterday morning.  By last night it was under 100 degrees F.  So she gets a ‘free’ day to sleep in.

And I’m frogging a mitten I knitted for my daughter but it was way too big.  I had made the mistake of using needles recommended on the ball band instead of what was listed on the pattern.  That’s the last time I ever do that.  What a waste of time, even if it is “occupational therapy.”  Thankfully it’s a quick knit and  I expect to have one finished by tonight.  Instead of working on it last night I was finishing a cap she had started for a friend but didn’t want to finish.  She asked me to finish it for her.  I told her I would but it meant she wouldn’t get her mitts worked on.  So that’s done and out of the way.  I need to be knitting an afghan so I can cover my knees.  Even with two layers, they’re cold.  I just let in my neighbor’s Basset Hound to spend the morning.  She stayed inside with us last night.  She gets on the dog bed and doesn’t budge.  Which makes the cats happy. I’m not sure her owners do much for her in this weather.