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Tornado Aftermath

I have been without power since the tornado hit Wednesday.  I watched the tornado, shrouded in rain, from the church parking lot and then it went east, to kill 40+ people in the county.  I’ve been knitting to candlelight and going to bed to the sound of my neighbor’s generator.  But with no power, you can go outside and see an infinite number of stars you don’t ordinarily see.  It’s wonderful but the reason is painful.  Don’t know when I’ll be back online.  Please pray for those who lost family members and those who can’t find family members.  We’ll never be the same.  When I wear the sweaters I’m knitting, I’ll remember the storms.  All of north Alabama is without power as the huge power lines that carry electricity cross country are down because of the tornadoes.  We may be without for one to two weeks.  Should have a lot to show by then.   My brother-in-law’s neighborhood in Pleasant Grove is in shambles but their house is ok.  Who is untouched?  take care


A Month Later

What happened to February?  It is hard to believe my last post was a whole month ago!  Much has happened since then yet not much has happened either for either I have been working as a substitute teacher for three to four days out of the week or I have been sick with a sinus infection.  Here in Alabama we have been having very mild days for February with the temperatures going up into the mid-70’s.  This is a mixed blessing as the warm weather is followed by a cold front and for us that means very stormy weather.  This afternoon around 1:30 there was a tornado watch and all the students and teachers had to go into the hall and wait.  My 14-year-old daughter was in another part of the school from where I was and I wanted her with me!

The trees have budded out and surely Spring cannot be far away!  The forsythia bushes, or yellow bells my husband calls them, are blooming and clumps of buttercups dot the roadsides and fields.  The Eastern Blue birds are flying about and the mockingbird is singing its heart out from the tops of trees and rooftops.  And my black cat, Monkee, is beginning to spend more time out-of-doors than in.  It was nice having her around even though she’s not the most lovable cat.  It’s Coco who is like melted butter when you pick him up and he does a purr-chirp sound. I’m trying to type this with him now on my shoulder, which is his favorite place.

What I call the Tuck and Curl position.


February is not totally a memory.  I have been working on three projects and just finished one this afternoon.   Earlier in the month when it was so cold I started knitting a pair of gloves.  Nothing fancy or elaborate just plain and simple to keep my hands warm.  I started out with the idea of knitting half-fingered gloves but when I started working on the fingers I decided to knit the whole finger.  My hands and fingers are long and have never had gloves long enough but now I do!   Since there is no design, they can be worn on either hand.  They would not win any prizes and I think one glove is slightly larger than the other.    I did not follow any specific pattern but read several glove and mitt patterns and came up with my own. Now I’m wondering if I will have to wait until December to wear them?  And Coco has shifted down to my chest and his head is under my chin.

Just a glove…