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Permanent Change of Scenery

In the middle of June my family moved from one mountain top to the neighboring mountain top, only this one is several hundred feet higher and the temperature is cooler. This will be our first holiday here and so far it’s been an interesting one.  There is an art festival being held in the center of the village (it’s too small to be called a town) which is at the beginning of the street where we live now.

This is the street in front of the house where I now live.

I love it here;  it’s quiet and there is a LOT of wildlife around close.  How close?  How about red-tailed hawks and deer in your back yard?  Not at the same time, of course.  And ticks, and granddaddy long leg spiders are in abundance.  When my cat, Monkee, comes in from gallivanting around, she has to be checked for ticks unless you want to find one on yourself later.  At least I have reached a point where I don’t screech and yell, “Get it off of me!”

My across the street neighbor has a bluebird box in their front yard and this week I have been enjoying watching the parents fly in and out of the nest.  I remember when sighting the bluebird became a rare occurrence because they were being decimated by the effects of DDT.  So it is a special thing for me to see the beautiful Eastern Bluebird so close.

The is the same street about a block away in the opposite direction.








For about three weeks while in the middle of moving I did not pick up anything to knit!  Unbelievable that I could go that long without knitting.  Since I began knitting obsessively about five years ago, I do not believe that I have gone that long without picking up my knitting needles.  What is interesting are the differences found in knitting my current two projects.  A simple ribbed tee-shirt is knit in the Plymouth Yarn Bella Colour, an aran weight cotton and acrylic blend which makes my right thumb sore and painful.   However, while knitting the Lily Chin Chelsea, a 5-ply sport weight blend of merino wool, cotton and acrylic does not cause any pain and soreness.  As a result, I’ve put away the PY yarn and am working to finish the Charlotte v-neck raglan tee-shirt designed by Rosemary Drysdale.  I am working on both sleeves as the same time using circular needles.  This way, once I finish one sleeve I will also be finishing the second sleeve and the sweater will be ready to block and seam!

This is what I left - the street in front of the house where I used to live


More Snow. No School.

If the powers-that-be who predict weather for North Alabama, (yeah, we think we’re different from the rest of the state) are correct, we are in for some Biiiiigg snow.  Inches of the powdery, white stuff falling from the sky Sunday night that may transition to sleet or freezing rain by Monday night.  The school system has already used up its ‘weather days’ and any additional days out of school will have to be made up at the end of the year.  The seniors could be graduating in June instead of May.  I don’t mind as I enjoy having my daughter around.  And if she gets too bored, she can download a book onto her Christmas Kindle.  Besides the fact that the books are cheaper, you can get a new one to read when you’re miles from a decent bookstore or can’t get to said bookstore.  Incredibly I haven’t really looked at her Kindle and played with it or asked her to show me all its bells and whistles.  I think the opportunity is coming.  Soon.

All the pets are inside tonight, with the temperature falling into the low 20’s, including the neighbor’s Bassett hound.  She has a floor pillow she sleeps on that’s next to the front door.  I have plenty of dog food, cat food, cat litter and milk.  Only Child said that she knows where she stands in the household hierarchy after reading this list.  Humph!  She knows very well where she stands….at the top!  At least I did not add new yarn and needles to that list.

Tomorrow afternoon, while waiting for the snow, I’m going to identify my circular needle sizes and set up my Namaste case that I received for Christmas from Only Child. I love the color she picked out! I want to knit a cowl and that will require circular needles.  I’d like to have them in their new nest ready for me to go straight to the slot where that particular size is and pull it out without having to measure half of the ones I think might be the correct size.  And that, my dear friend, will be wonderful.