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Merry Christmas

It’s late.  The packages are wrapped and the coffee is ready to be turned on.  I’ll need it in the morning since it’s so late.  It seems it’s always been a tradition of mine to stay up past midnight on Christmas.  I did finish my niece’s Latifa Scarf knitted in Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK and the Big Guy’s wool hat.  I’ve also started a ‘painting apron’ to wear when he’s painting parts for his vintage BMW motorcycles that he restores.  The prettiest one he ever finished was a 1954  bike he restored in Red.  It was gorgeous…so shiny with all the chrome.  That’s why I don’t get any grief about my knitting habit or is it more of an addiction?  I’d post pictures now but I believe he has the camera in his shop and it’s too cold to go outside and get it.

Have a merry Christmas with your loved ones, even if that is just you.  I pray that you love yourself.  And so long as you are reading my blog, you are not alone.  My brother and his college sophomore daughter are coming tomorrow (today?) afternoon to visit.  Is it so wrong to wish for a small fruit cake made with our mother’s recipe?  He lost his wife (she of gentle spirit) in October after a too brief illness of lung cancer.  We lost her six weeks after the diagnosis and her loss has weighed heavy on my mind all Advent Season.

And I’ve decided that my teen-ager is more fun at Christmas than as a five-year-old.  We can stay up and watch movies and laugh at the same jokes.  She helps with cleaning up and can wrap presents!  Yea for her daddy, he’s not stuck with wrapping my presents.  He usually stopped at the table in the mall were some ladies were wrapping gifts to raise money for charity.

Before she and I started watching  The Holiday with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslett we participated in the church’s Christmas Eve Communion Service.  The sanctuary was beautiful with the glow of all candle light and the Chrismon tree lit up and the cross in back of the pulpit is back-lighted and it lovely and stays on all the time, 24/7.  And the church doors to the Sanctuary are never locked.  This is the one time I get to play Christmas Carols and hymns on a baby grand piano.  Nice….  It has a great touch and feel when you play.

Merry Christmas, Sweet Dreams, and take care, from Beth  –  aka Cottonblossom.


In the Mean Time

While I’ve been at a standstill over the short-row shoulders, I’ve been working the ruffle on the Latifa scarf from Knitty.com.  It’s a mindless knit that I can do without concentration.  I’ve timed how long it takes to do one ruffle and it’s just under 30 minutes. What takes so long is the bind off. At this rate, I have a few more hours of knitting.  I am enjoying thinking about my niece who will be the recipient at Christmas!