What a Wonderful Day!

Last Tuesday was a wonderful autumn day with the sun shining and the yellow leaves swaying in the breeze.  On this day my daughter had her braces taken off after two and a half years!  What a beautiful smile and worth every rubber band found on bathroom counters and tabletops.  Since it was a Special Day we went to a yarn shop in Birmingham to buy yarn for the Central Park Hoodie that I’ve been promising for two years. I bought the pattern on Ravelry. She wanted a gray soft yarn and I wanted a wool yarn that was washable.  We’re talking teen-ager here and I wasn’t going to be taking this to the dry cleaners, which is 14 miles away.  And I certainly wasn’t going to be hand washing this hoodie.  We settled on Berroco’s Vintage, which is a nice, washable wool blend of acrylic, wool and nylon the medium gray colorway number 5107.  Progress is coming right along with the hoodie but I’m worried that it won’t be warm enough.  I’m knitting this using a size 8 needle and the fabric is not very dense.  It’s great to work with, the yarn is sliding off my Hiya Hiya circulars.  The cable stitches are showing up great in this yarn.

Below are pictures of the swatch I made before knitting and yes, the size 8 called for in the pattern made gauge without any needle adjustments.  I like the way the yarn bloomed after washing, too.

After deciding on this yarn, Only Daughter wanted a pair of gloves in a contrasting color to go with this hoodie. She picked out another Berroco yarn for the gloves in lovely blue.  I’m planning on using a pattern I found on Ravelry, The Malabrigo Gloves; only I’m not using that particular yarn.  If the swatch doesn’t look right, I’ll find another pattern.  If you have any other suggestions please let me know. 

The Special Day was topped off with going to Books-A-Million and getting three books for her and one for me!


In A Quandary

I don’t know what to knit next.  Now that the baby caps are finished, there are several things I need to be working on but I don’t know which to do first.  I have a sweater I need to finish that I started in early summer but put down when I realized it wouldn’t be a “cool” summer sweater.  It’s a top down tee from Knitting Pure and Simple.  A few years ago, I found the yarn on Discontinued Name Brand Yarns, and fell in love with it at first sight.  It took me a while to get started but I wanted a pattern that was simple, with no detail as that would detract, besides it would be lost in the yarn.  So I found it on the Internet but had a friend who owned a lys who ordered it for me.  I started knitting it when I weighed 30 pounds heavier.  I hope it will still fit, but as a raglan sleeve, top-down sweater, it should.

The linen/cotton sweater is still on the floor in my sewing/yarn room waiting for me to get the courage to seam it together.  Actually, I have the courage; I just need to find a large block of time when I won’t be interrupted.  I would hate to be half way up the side and have to stop.  That’s Sweetie, who’s helping me type this.  And purring.  And the yellow lab, the very large yellow lab, is across from me on the sofa snoring and twitching her paws.  I wonder what she’s dreaming about.

Remember the forever socks?  The Spring Forward socks from Knitty?  Well, it looks as if it will be forever before I wear them.  I knitted past the gusset and when I tried it on, I couldn’t get it past my heel.  What a sinking feeling.  Then I entertained the idea that I’d frog back to where I started the heel and turn it into a glove; but just couldn’t do it.  Not just yet.  I wanted to find someone deserving of a pair of hand knitted socks who has a small foot.  I found her – my sister-in-law!  She’ll be getting them for Christmas this year!

If Not For the Mistakes

If it were not for the mistakes and frogging I have to keep doing, I’d be finished with these socks by now.  I think they’d make a lovely pair of gloves.  Maybe when I finish these socks, I’ll make a pair of gloves using this lace pattern.  That’s being optimistic isn’t it?  ‘When…” The pattern is Spring Forward by Linda Welch and published in Knitty, Summer 2008.   The yarn is Berrocco’s Comfort Sock and I’m using size 1 needles from Hiya Hiya.  I love working with this yarn but I have to concentrate when I’m knitting the lace pattern. It’s really an easy pattern to memorize and there’s no reason why I haven’t been able to pay attention while knitting.  That’s why I’ve had to frog so much.  I especially cannot watch television.  I’ll keep you posted on its progress.  Hopefully I’ll finish before this time next year.

Don’t Assume, Always Count

Am desperately trying to finish a summer sweater before the summer is over.  I’m working on the front of a v-neck sleeveless sweater and did not count the stitches on each side of the vee after binding off the center two stitches.  Or so I thought were the center two stitches.  After knitting about 14 rows, I looked and it appeared off center so I counted.  Yep.  One side was two stitches wider.  I thought about not decreasing for a couple of rows but looked at the edge and it was so nice with the decreases just so.  I knew that idea wouldn’t work.  Only one thing would work… I frogged down to where the knitting divided for the neckline and started over again.  After binding off the center stitches, I counted twice to make sure both sides were even.  Off to the races.  Again.