The Aftermath

Power is back on for me and life is pretty back to normal;  but, for countless others life will never be the same.  There are towns and communities practically wiped off the face of the earth and people are still missing.  Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa on Facebook is doing outstanding work putting people and resources together.  Food is being cooked and distributed; diapers and personal hygiene items are being handed out and people who are walking around in a daze not knowing what to do next are being comforted.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the Alabama way of life, Toomer’s Corner is the famous corner at Auburn University where people gather after football games.  And the rivalry between the two universities is unmatched.  In the state of Alabama, when you are introduced to someone, one of the first things you ask is “Are you an Auburn or Alabama fan?”

So it is significant that this effort is instigated by an Auburn graduate who has made appeals to alumni from Maine to California.  18-wheelers loaded with supplies are leaving from places like Delaware and California headed to Alabama. It’s not just Tuscaloosa that is  benefiting from her efforts, other towns and neighborhoods suffering damage from the multiple tornadoes are being helped.

I am so impressed by this young woman’s efforts – she’s awesome.  If you would like to support her and the tornado victims check out Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa on Facebook.   I am moving in June and instead of having a yard sale I’m taking clothes, kitchen and other items to the local drop-off.


Tornado Aftermath

I have been without power since the tornado hit Wednesday.  I watched the tornado, shrouded in rain, from the church parking lot and then it went east, to kill 40+ people in the county.  I’ve been knitting to candlelight and going to bed to the sound of my neighbor’s generator.  But with no power, you can go outside and see an infinite number of stars you don’t ordinarily see.  It’s wonderful but the reason is painful.  Don’t know when I’ll be back online.  Please pray for those who lost family members and those who can’t find family members.  We’ll never be the same.  When I wear the sweaters I’m knitting, I’ll remember the storms.  All of north Alabama is without power as the huge power lines that carry electricity cross country are down because of the tornadoes.  We may be without for one to two weeks.  Should have a lot to show by then.   My brother-in-law’s neighborhood in Pleasant Grove is in shambles but their house is ok.  Who is untouched?  take care

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

I am not sure what day tomorrow is.  Which is not too unusual considering we have been snow and ice bound since Sunday night.  The snow started coming down in big, fat, fluffy flakes Sunday evening and continued on throughout the night into Monday morning.  We ended up with depths ranging from 4” to 8” up here on Sand Mountain in Northeast Alabama.  Everything came to a halt:  grocery stores were closed, service stations were delayed opening; and schools and businesses were closed all over the county.  Later Monday morning there was a slight drizzle of sleet.  You can imagine what that did to the snow.  Because the county runs Southwest to Northeast the weather at the top of the county is usually more severe than what we personally experience but we are in a county school system and if students who live 30 miles farther north cannot get to school, we will not be going to school. The last time we had this much snow was in March, 1993. And this was our third snow event since the first of December!  It was a treat to wake up to a White Christmas morning. The kids have been out of school every day this week and Monday is a national holiday so I have my daughter with me until Tuesday morning.  I’m going to really miss her when she goes back to school. I hope I get called to do substitute teaching. I was scheduled to do substitute teaching for two days this week but lost those opportunities. The board of education is not sure when these snow days will be made up because they’ve already gone through the designated weather days for this academic year.  School in June, here we come.

Old Wives’ Tales

It is said that if snow remains on the ground for three days it will snow again.  So far for 2010, that tale has proved true. Earlier in December we had snow and school was out for a day.  And the snow was on the ground for more than three days.  Sooooo……..

We woke up Christmas Day morning to snow coming down in big, fat, fluffy flakes.  I looked straight up into the sky and it was awesome to see the flakes coming down first in grey then turning to white as they got closer to earth. By the middle of the afternoon it was covering the trees, and the bushes and ….. everything!  It’s been three days since the last snow and it’s still on the ground.  Does that mean we’ll get more snow?

The snow and icy roads played havoc with everybody’s holiday plans.  I didn’t get to see my brother and niece Christmas afternoon and on Sunday, my other niece’s granddaughter’s baptism was cancelled due to the weather.  She would have worn a baptism gown I made 21 years earlier for her daddy’s baptism.  I tried to make it to look like an antique gown.  For all the babies who have been baptized in the gown I’ve monogrammed the babies’ initials and birth dates between the tucks at the bottom of the dress.  Before I starched and ironed the dress we knew the service had been postponed, so here’s a picture of the dress, wrinkles and all.  I don’t store a dress with starch because the silverfish love it.


According to The Weather Channel it’s 18 degrees F. outside with a wind chill of 8 degrees F.  School was cancelled for today due to the weather, which is a good thing for my daughter because she was sick with a high fever yesterday morning.  By last night it was under 100 degrees F.  So she gets a ‘free’ day to sleep in.

And I’m frogging a mitten I knitted for my daughter but it was way too big.  I had made the mistake of using needles recommended on the ball band instead of what was listed on the pattern.  That’s the last time I ever do that.  What a waste of time, even if it is “occupational therapy.”  Thankfully it’s a quick knit and  I expect to have one finished by tonight.  Instead of working on it last night I was finishing a cap she had started for a friend but didn’t want to finish.  She asked me to finish it for her.  I told her I would but it meant she wouldn’t get her mitts worked on.  So that’s done and out of the way.  I need to be knitting an afghan so I can cover my knees.  Even with two layers, they’re cold.  I just let in my neighbor’s Basset Hound to spend the morning.  She stayed inside with us last night.  She gets on the dog bed and doesn’t budge.  Which makes the cats happy. I’m not sure her owners do much for her in this weather.

Knitting With the Hummingbirds

There’s something special and fascinating about hummingbirds that make me want to stop what I’m doing and stare with awe and a smile on my face.  I have placed a hummingbird feeder on my side porch and in this southern heat they only come to eat early in the morning and in the evening.   I’m not likely to sit on the porch in the morning as I’d rather sleep in but I will sit out there in the afternoon and knit.  What’s wonderful is the hummers will come up to the feeder while I’m sitting and knitting.  Once I had one to dive bomb me while chasing away a competitor at the “food bowl.”  It’s hard to believe but hummingbirds are so territorial.  Sometimes one can hardly eat for being chased by another!