I Love Them ALL!

I realized I do not have a favorite yarn when I saw the post on Creative Knitting’s Facebook page that asked the questions “Do you have a favorite bulky yarn? What projects do you make with it?”  I don’t have a favorite bulky, worsted, fingering or any other weight yarn.  I love them all!  I realized that I’m more into textures, colors, and how the yarn feels.  I may be planning a project with a specific yarn that has been suggested for the pattern but get completely sidetracked when my eyes stray and I am enticed to use a completely different yarn for any of the above reasons.

I will buy yarn for no other reason than I like, no, make that LOVE, the way it feels between my fingers, or the color just makes me drool.  I am not that way with picking out a pattern or a general project, for it is rare that I do not make a change in the pattern, no matter how slight.  Perhaps I am lured by color most of all.  Years ago when I was smocking bishop dresses for my daughter and before that working cross stitch, I would buy floss just because I loved the color.  Recently I gave my stash of floss to the teen-ager for her to use making friendship bracelets and such.  When she returns home from camp and she is bored, and waiting for school to start, I will ask her to count just how many skeins of embroidery floss she does have, and I will let you know.

Fleece Artist Sea Wood, 70% Merino Wood, 30% Seacell

The variegated yarns of blues and greens just make my fingers itch to start knitting.  This is one of my favorite skeins of yarn:  Fleece Artist’s Sea Wool in gorgeous blues.  Doesn’t it make you think of swimming in cool, clear water on a hot, summer morning?  I may never make anything with it, I  am content to just feel it and look at it.  I bought this from Knit Nouveau in Homewood, Alabama, before it went out of business.



Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca D.K.. 100% Alpaca

This Baby Alpaca D.K. from Plymouth Yarn is so soft and the colors are so luscious.  I made the scarf “Latifa” from Knitty’s website for my niece and used a beautiful sock yarn for the ruffles that miraculously had all the colors.  I bought this yarn from a LSY in Destin, Florida.

Latifa Scarf from Knitty











Jo Sharp Silkwood Aran Tweed, 85% Wool, 10% Silk, 5% Cashmere

When I got to Knit Nouveau’s  going out of business sale there were only three skeins of this Jo Sharp’s Silkwood Aran Tweed left.  I absolutely love this green and ohhhh, the way it feels makes you want to squeeze it non-stop.





Plymouth Yarn Royal Silk Merino, 51% Silk, 49% Merino Wood

Now in contrast to all these blues and greens I have in my stash a bag of beautiful pale yellow yarn, Plymouth Yarn’s Royal Silk Merino.  I bought this from Little Knits online at least four years ago.  Did not have a pattern I wanted to knit with it or know when I could get to it,  but I had to have it.  I oooooed, and aaahhhed for days after it came in the mail.  I still do when I get it out to just look at it.  Someday I will find the perfect pattern for this yarn.

These are a few of my favorite yarns.  They are spun from different fibers and are of different weights and textures.  There appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why I love them.  I just do.  What are a few of your favorite yarns and what do you find so appealing about them?


3 thoughts on “I Love Them ALL!

  1. I also buy yarn because I fall in Love with the textures and colors. And I have some yarn in my stash that I am waiting for it to tell me what it wants to become:) Judy

  2. I think yarn is my #1 impulse buy, and exactly for the reasons you stated. The colors and textures just speak to me, even if I have no pattern in particular in mind. A few of my favorites are a red mohair yarn I got from my grandma, the blue baby alpaca I used to make a blanket for my mother, and the 70s variegated yarns I’ve gotten from a couple different places.

  3. My favourite yarn hands down is alpaca, but as it is so expensive i hardly ever buy any. I am more like you and am attracted to colour and feel of the yarn. Colours can be so mesmerising and healing. mmmm now I may have to go and pat my yarn.

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