Mystery Yarn

Do you have any anonymous yarn in your stash?  I like to visit thrift stores and sometimes I hit the jackpot with yarn. On one visit to my favorite thrift shop, I found skeins of Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic for $1.00 per skein. Yes, I bought all they had.

Cotton Classic Colors

11 skeins of Cotton Classic White






Sometimes I return from the shopping trip empty-handed; however, on occasion I can find a name brand blouse or tee-shirt for only $4.00 unless the store is having a half-price sale and I can buy it for $2.00!  Last week I bought a pair of Calvin Klein jeans for $1.50!  Excuse me, I’m getting off topic.

I have several balls of yarn without a band in my stash that were bought at this shop that I definitely want to use for a knitting project one day.

Mystery Yarn

A swatch of one mystery yarn

A few are very soft and I can’t decide if the yarn is a high-end acrylic or an acrylic blend.

The "Great Unknown"

One yarn in particular is an unknown content and as there are just a few skeins to work with, I really don’t want to “waste” it making a swatch.  But, I probably will.

Any suggestions for knitting projects?


3 thoughts on “Mystery Yarn

  1. Yes, I do have a ball of anonymous yarn in my stash. There are so many things you can make with one ball of yarn, I bet you would find hundreds of ideas on ravelry:) Judy

  2. If you have a Tuesday Morning near you they often have some pretty nice yarns at a decent price. I just got some organic cotton from them – not only is it really soft, but the color is quite nice too. It’s also chained, which is a type of yarn I’ve never tried before.

    If I don’t have much of a mystery yarn I usually make hats or mitts/mittens. Those are usually pretty nice things to have around for gifting 🙂

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