Yarn Has Many Uses

Yarn has many uses besides knitting.  I discovered that skeins make great padding when packing boxes of breakables.  My daughter received some very bright, neon colored yarn and I used it first.

Then, still needing padding, I moved on to my stash that was (still is) packed in a large grey plastic bin. 

My "breakables"

I also use pots and pans to provide greater protection against breakage

My better yarns are still stored in clear plastic bins so I know where they are without a lot of hunting.  I used the grey bin to store acrylics and blends I use for toys. The question my husband keeps asking is “When are you going to get rid of those magazines?”  I’m not sure.  I do know that I have quit purchasing every knitting magazine I come across.  Also, I have let my magazine subscriptions expire and purchase a magazine only if there is an article I really want to read or a pattern I want to knit.  If I get around to knitting all those patterns, I will be knitting when I am 100 years old!  My favorite magazine is Interweave because the patterns are not outlandish and the articles are so informative.

Other than knitting what other uses do you find for your yarn?


4 thoughts on “Yarn Has Many Uses

  1. Hi. I must admit that I haven’t used my yarn for anything but knitting. Now you really have me thinking … I hope you don’t ever throw away your magazines. I get so inspired when I read my old magazines:) Happy knitting, Judy

  2. I have so much yarn, quilt fabric, batting, fleece, etc. in the attic, it must be providing our house with some insulation!!
    I’ve been going through my very oldest magazines (from the 70’s). Most of the patterns are only good for laughs, (granny square bikini, anyone?) so I’m clipping the few patterns I may actually use and passing the rest on. Part of me feels it’s sacrilegious to cut up a knitting magazine, but another part says getting rid of 10 pounds of superfluous paper is a very good thing!

  3. Hmmmm, besides knitting and crocheting, I’ve used yarn for making a little tie for hanging a sign that my son’s school required us to have in the car. That’s about it.

    I’ve got some yarn that was given to me that doesn’t really suit me. I may have to look at some other ways it could be used. I’ll probably just end up giving it to someone who likes it or donating it to one of the local groups that needs yarn.

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