A Tale of Two Sweaters

The past couple of months have been more than unsettling.  I knew back in March I would be moving in June and since then it’s been hectic to say the least.  In the middle of packing I was still knitting, hoping I could finish a sweater to wear the first Sunday in a new church.  However, that was a little too ambitious.  Perhaps if I had not been knitting two sweaters, I might have finished one.  Someday I’ll learn.  The first sweater is “Charlotte Raglan Tee” designed by Rosemary Drysdale found on the Tahki Stacy Charles website.  I’m knitting it in Chelsea by Lily Chin in blue.  I love the lace effect on the hems of the sleeves and body of the sweater and it’s easy to memorize.  I am knitting both sleeves at the same time on the size 5 Hiya Hiya circulars.

Back of Charlotte Raglan TeeCoco and the Charlotte Raglan Tee

The front of the Charlotte Raglan Tee with a different camera exposure. I hate it when that happens.... The top picture is a more accurate rending of the yarn color.

The second sweater is a free round neck tee shirt pattern in K4, P3 ribbing from Plymouth Yarn using Bella Colour in a baby blue.  It is in hibernation at the moment due to circumstances I could have controlled…our new puppy (more like half-grown dog) pulled my size 8 Hiya Hiya circular needles out of my bag and chewed the cable.  Of course, the front of the sweater was full of dropped stitches but, thankfully, the yarn was not chewed in two.  Will wonders ever cease?   My bag was on the floor, so what can I say?  So far Maggie May has chewed two leashes, a collar, a lawn chair and my daughter’s shoe.  She’s a stray who came to the house and we’ve kept her.  Based upon Maggie’s chewing habits, she must have some lab in her but she’s built like a greyhound.  We already had three cats, Sweetie, the fat ginger kitty, who is as sweet as her name; Monkee, the black with three white spots down her chest and tummy; and the baby, Coco, who isn’t really black but not brown either.  He’s is the most loveable cat I’ve ever had.  When you pick him up, he goes limp like a ragdoll.  How did I go from knitting to cats and dogs?  Oh yeah, the dog who likes to chew.

The back of the round neck tee shirt pattern from Plymouth Yarn

The front of the sweater Maggie May ripped by chewing the needle cable

All my yarn is either in boxes or bins and will stay there until I get these two sweaters finished.  My Peaches and Cream yarns are in a tote bag which I’ll dig into to pick out yarns for dishcloths to knit for gifts – for the people who helped me move and the special people left behind.


One thought on “A Tale of Two Sweaters

  1. Hi Beth! Got your message on our blog. You are invited to drop by and see the alpacas any time! If we’re gone, it’s usually in the mornings, on a trip to town, but we’re almost always home in the afternoons. We enjoy meeting new people and the alpacas positively LOVE visitors! (Dogs included.)

    We look forward to meeting you soon!

    Rhea and Don

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