The Aftermath

Power is back on for me and life is pretty back to normal;  but, for countless others life will never be the same.  There are towns and communities practically wiped off the face of the earth and people are still missing.  Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa on Facebook is doing outstanding work putting people and resources together.  Food is being cooked and distributed; diapers and personal hygiene items are being handed out and people who are walking around in a daze not knowing what to do next are being comforted.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the Alabama way of life, Toomer’s Corner is the famous corner at Auburn University where people gather after football games.  And the rivalry between the two universities is unmatched.  In the state of Alabama, when you are introduced to someone, one of the first things you ask is “Are you an Auburn or Alabama fan?”

So it is significant that this effort is instigated by an Auburn graduate who has made appeals to alumni from Maine to California.  18-wheelers loaded with supplies are leaving from places like Delaware and California headed to Alabama. It’s not just Tuscaloosa that is  benefiting from her efforts, other towns and neighborhoods suffering damage from the multiple tornadoes are being helped.

I am so impressed by this young woman’s efforts – she’s awesome.  If you would like to support her and the tornado victims check out Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa on Facebook.   I am moving in June and instead of having a yard sale I’m taking clothes, kitchen and other items to the local drop-off.


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