It’s FINISHED and the Computer is Dead

I am going through withdrawal because I have finally finished my daughter’s Central Park Hoodie.  And, here’s the best part…..the weather turned cool for two days after the daily highs had been in the 70’s!  I would show you pictures but my laptop computer is dead and I’m working from a dinosaur of a computer which my husband put together and through his expertise made it work and Internet accessible. Yea!  (In a previous life he was a computer programmer and systems analyst. ) It also helps that he was desperate to read his news blogs.  And you wouldn’t believe the screen we’re using…a very old NEC monitor that is huge.  How did we work around such hugeness?  Anyway.  He has ordered the parts that are necessary to make the laptop work again.  And what is even more special is he has ordered a new laptop for himself after his died a while back.  The three of us have been sharing one laptop.  Talk about getting in line….

Now let me add to the above scenario.  This morning a lightning storm came through and one bolt hit the telephone line that comes into the house.  It knocked the receiver off the wall phone!  Remember them?  It’s an old house.  The plug-in for the wireless phones exploded and I found its cover halfway across the room.  Oh yes, it also tripped the breaker that the refrigerator is on.    So, as I write, there are computer parts and power cords in a tangled mess around the chair.  And since there are two incoming telephone lines there is a phone line running from the back room, through the Teen-ager’s room, down the hall and into the living room and is connected to….. another ancient device….a slimline phone from the 80’s.   It was not a dull morning.

I wasn’t kidding about going through withdrawal after finishing the CPH.  Now what do I do?  I’ve already finished a washcloth and have started on another one.  They’re going to be gifts for a nephew who has a new kitchen.  For myself, I am doing a three-needle-bind off on the shoulders of a linen sweater before sewing the side seams using a mattress stitch. 

It’s pouring down rain again and my Monkee kitty is outside.  Well, that is what she gets for wanting to go outside and not coming in when called.  There are times when she stays out all night.  The longest she has been away from home was four nights last summer.  I finally had to go into the woods way behind the house to find her and bring her home.  Makes you wonder if she forgot how to come home….  Yeah, a cat who has forgotten how to get home?  And these woods aren’t that big, about the size of a city block.

As soon as I have access to my pictures I’ll post them of the Teen-ager in her hoodie and give you all the details.  Maybe I’ll use my cell-phone and email the pictures to myself,  Yes!  That will work since I can access my email from this make-do, piece-meal computer.  Until then, take care.  P.S.  Monkee is inside, warm and dry.


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