Thought I’d share some pictures of various things in my life.


Washcloths make great gifts!

My husband’s hobby is restoring vintage BMW bikes

A gift of handspun yarn

A bride’s garter I made from French lace using heirloom sewing techniques.

Fruits of the Hen from a friend’s farm

Phoebe the lab

Beemer, the Miniature Schnauzer, doing his happy dance!

A "repurposed" chair bottom with a new life as a swift


soon-to-be "After"

Couldn't finish without posting pictures of two of my three cats: Sweetie, my orange long-haired, who lives up to her name; and Monkee, who loves to climb, especially the Christmas tree!


2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. what an interesting collection of things. thanks for the peek in, i think the chair swift is so clever! i have to find a way to sort my needles, i think i like your idea. and heirloom sewing techniques? i’m intrigued. the garter and washcloth turned out so nicely.

    • Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you liked the pictures. The garter is an example of heirloom sewing which is hand or machine sewing laces and ribbons and usually Swiss batiste or similar fabric. Long before I was married I learned how to smock and made smocked baby bonnets and dresses for friends. Then when my daughter was born, i made her smocked bishop dresses. I learned how to sew waaayyy back in the 4th grade in 4-H. And I’ve done needle point and cross stitch. About the only thing i haven’t done is crochet but i can do a simple chain stitch around something.

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