My Birthday Is This Week-end

My birthday is this week-end.  It’s a big milestone for me.  Did I say big?  Did I really say just ‘big’?  The one ten years ago was a ‘big’ milestone, this one is a huge milestone.  This birthday is making me take stock of my life and exploring ways I can enhance my life.  Are my priorities in order?  Do I want to make any changes?  If so, what?

Normally I don’t pay much attention to birthdays.  Growing up, my family celebrated birthdays but in my husband’s family they do not get much attention. So, rather than be disappointed over the lack of hoopla, I have chosen to give them not much thought.  However, for this one, I want to celebrate!  Even if it’s nothing more than going out to dinner with my husband and daughter.  And I don’t mean going to a Cracker Barrel.

My daughter has asked me what I want for my birthday and I’m almost at a loss as to what to tell her.  I have come to realize that apart from family and church, my leisure activities are centered around reading and knitting – not necessarily in that order.  I have the circular needles and single point needles that I need.  I have more yarn than I can knit up in the next five years.  I would love to have a set of hand blown glass knitting needles or a pair from Signature Needle Arts.  And, who wouldn’t want a skein or two or even three of cashmere or silk yarn?

When I read, my favorite writers are Southern women who write about Southern women.  We’re complicated, notorious, loyal, funny, serious, catty, flirty, to name just a few characteristics.  I also like books about Ireland, knitters, cats and the East coast.  The last book I read was by Debbie Macomber and before that I read Patrick Taylor’s An Irish County Christmas, my first from him and it will not be my last.  Maybe another of Taylor’s books is what I can suggest for a birthday present?

And I still haven’t blocked my daughter’s Central Park Hoodie.


4 thoughts on “My Birthday Is This Week-end

  1. happy birthday! i hope it’s a wonderful day for you.

    i had never heard of such glass knitting needles! i need to get out more huh? maybe i’ll ask for that (the getting out more, though i’ll take the glass needles too!) for my next birthday 😉

    • If you Google ‘hand blown glass knitting needles’ you will come up with several sources. They’re absolutely beautiful. I seem to have t his thing for things made from hand blown glass. They’re out of my price range right now but maybe some day…..doesn’t hurt to dream does it?

  2. I think everybody deserves to celebrate the day of their birth EXACTLY they way they want. That’s your day and it should be as YOU want it. Order yourself some Signature needles and blame it on me. Happy birthday!

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