Organized Circular Needles

At least one thing was accomplished during the Big Snow.  I took all my circular needles and put them in my new Namaste case which was a Christmas present from my daughter.  I realized I have several size 4 needles and more than several size 8 needles. I don’t have anything smaller than the size 4.  It is such a good feeling to have this done.  Now I need to make a case for my straights.  I already have the silk material, I just need to do it!


2 thoughts on “Organized Circular Needles

  1. It is nice and tidy and I don’t have to measure every needle that looks like it might be the size I need. And YES, we did get a lot of snow, about 7 inches worth. A week later we still have some. Thankfully, the temps are getting above freezing – the week after the snow, the high never got above 30 degrees, and the lows were single digit. I though I lived in the south?

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