Snow, Snow, and More Snow

I am not sure what day tomorrow is.  Which is not too unusual considering we have been snow and ice bound since Sunday night.  The snow started coming down in big, fat, fluffy flakes Sunday evening and continued on throughout the night into Monday morning.  We ended up with depths ranging from 4” to 8” up here on Sand Mountain in Northeast Alabama.  Everything came to a halt:  grocery stores were closed, service stations were delayed opening; and schools and businesses were closed all over the county.  Later Monday morning there was a slight drizzle of sleet.  You can imagine what that did to the snow.  Because the county runs Southwest to Northeast the weather at the top of the county is usually more severe than what we personally experience but we are in a county school system and if students who live 30 miles farther north cannot get to school, we will not be going to school. The last time we had this much snow was in March, 1993. And this was our third snow event since the first of December!  It was a treat to wake up to a White Christmas morning. The kids have been out of school every day this week and Monday is a national holiday so I have my daughter with me until Tuesday morning.  I’m going to really miss her when she goes back to school. I hope I get called to do substitute teaching. I was scheduled to do substitute teaching for two days this week but lost those opportunities. The board of education is not sure when these snow days will be made up because they’ve already gone through the designated weather days for this academic year.  School in June, here we come.


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