Snow is HERE and It’s Not Even Midnight

Snow across the parking lot and the side and front of the church. That's the Big Guy's truck you see.

The Snow is Here!! Yea! Time to snuggle into the down comforter t0 stay warm. Around 10:00, I noticed that cars were driving by the house much slower than usual and I heard what I thought what might be thunder. Thunder in a snow storm is a bad sign or maybe a good sign, depending upon your age. It means there will be a lot of snow. I got up from the sofa where I had been looking at patterns on Ravelry for a shawl/cowl to knit to keep my neck and shoulders warm. When I looked outside I was amazed at how much snow had fallen in such a short length of time. It had not been that long since I had let the dogs back into the house after their nightly foray into the yard.

Daughter will be so excited when she sees it in the morning. This time there is more than enough to make snow cream. It’s simple to make and I’ve been making it my entire life. Fill a large bowl, the largest bowl you can find, with clean snow. Once inside open a can of sweetened, condensed milk and add at least a teaspoon of vanilla and a smidgen of salt. Stir until it’s creamy then enjoy it and fight over who gets the little bit that’s left. If there’s enough, then freeze it and you can enjoy fresh snow cream next month!

Am planning on cooking a full breakfast complete with scrambled yard eggs, bacon, grits and made-from-scratch-biscuits!  Oh, yes, with real butter and homemade jelly and preserves.  That should last us until whatever I put in the crockpot is done.  I have several options and I want to go with the most simple.  One more look outside at the unbelievable snow and then I’m off to bed.  Couldn’t go to sleep at my usual time; I had to see how much snow we were going to get.

Big, fat flakes coming down in the back of the house.

Fast falling, big fat flakes looking like white silken strands.


4 thoughts on “Snow is HERE and It’s Not Even Midnight

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I forgot to say that I made biscuits for breakfast. I didn’t think of taking a picture of my knitting. Enjoyed reading about your snow.

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