Old Wives’ Tales

It is said that if snow remains on the ground for three days it will snow again.  So far for 2010, that tale has proved true. Earlier in December we had snow and school was out for a day.  And the snow was on the ground for more than three days.  Sooooo……..

We woke up Christmas Day morning to snow coming down in big, fat, fluffy flakes.  I looked straight up into the sky and it was awesome to see the flakes coming down first in grey then turning to white as they got closer to earth. By the middle of the afternoon it was covering the trees, and the bushes and ….. everything!  It’s been three days since the last snow and it’s still on the ground.  Does that mean we’ll get more snow?

The snow and icy roads played havoc with everybody’s holiday plans.  I didn’t get to see my brother and niece Christmas afternoon and on Sunday, my other niece’s granddaughter’s baptism was cancelled due to the weather.  She would have worn a baptism gown I made 21 years earlier for her daddy’s baptism.  I tried to make it to look like an antique gown.  For all the babies who have been baptized in the gown I’ve monogrammed the babies’ initials and birth dates between the tucks at the bottom of the dress.  Before I starched and ironed the dress we knew the service had been postponed, so here’s a picture of the dress, wrinkles and all.  I don’t store a dress with starch because the silverfish love it.


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