Where, oh, where…….

…..have I been?  Everywhere but here it seems.  Thanksgiving came and went and got in the way.  I’ve been doing a lot of substitute teaching which leaves me too tired at night to want to do anything.  And I’ve been working overtime on my daughter’s Central Park Hoodie and a cap for the Big Guy.  I’ve completed the back, both fronts and one sleeve and will start on the second sleeve this week-end.  I should be blocking (don’t you hate it when someone says “should”?) as I go but I seem to have this mental block about it.  THEN, I read about blocking wires.  They’re the better than sliced bread!  I went online and found sets of fine, stainless steel blocking wires but was dismayed at the price.  After all, it is Christmas and I have better ways of spending my money.  There are several comments about substitutions in Ravelry as well as in Knitting Daily, Heartstrings and a couple of other websites for which I don’t remember the names.  So, I do the next best thing.  I head for the local hardware store.  Now, you have to understand that this is not your generic, suburban hardware store.  Where I live you will find farmers, electricians, do-it-yourselfers, hunters, painters, plumbers…real men who use the hardware store for it’s original purpose.  One of the websites mentioned using welding wires and I knew I would find them here.  I got very lucky because while I was looking at the assortment of wires, trying to figure out which ones would not rust, a man was standing in the aisle and told me to get ‘brazing wire.’  He said it will never rust but that it might get a patina to it with age.  I can deal with that, as the patina can be washed off.  So, I get six brazing wires, 36” long to use blocking the Hoodie.  Now I just need to find the time to clear out a space in the back room that was intended to be an office and is now human being used for storage.

The back, one complete front and an almost finished front.


As soon as I finish my husband’s hat, I’ll post pictures of everything.  As usual, the hat would be finished but decided that I had started decreasing too soon so  the frog gets his voice back for a few rows.  Right now I’m getting ready to move off the size 9 HiYa HiYa 16-in circular needles onto double points to finish up.



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