Writer’s Block or Knitter’s Block or Both?

I have been obsessing, and I mean really obsessing, over knitting short rows for the shoulders for the Central Park Hoodie I’m knitting for my daughter.  I’ve done almost everything except the shoulders.  I’ve knitted the back up to the shoulders, and both front pieces up to the shoulders.  I have looked at YouTube videos on short rows, knitted and purled; and at videos on Japanese short rows.  I’ve read blogs, and have read chapters about it in books.  This has been on my mind so much that it’s the first thing that enters my thoughts when I get up in the morning and it’s what puts me to sleep at night.

So.  Two nights ago I just put my ears back (have you heard of that expression:  “Just put your ears back and do it.”) and started the short rows on the shoulders only to have my half-grown kitten chew halfway through the yarn the next morning.  This is a kitten-cat who has never shown any interest in my yarn and it’s not even 100% wool!  Did you know that “tink” is “knit” spelled backwards?  Sure you did.  Given the nature of short rows, there was no way I could attach nice, clean, whole yarn at the beginning was a row because there is no beginning of a row.  Out came the short rows and I started all over.  However, this time instead of the wrap and turn short rows I knitted the Japanese short row.  We’ll see how this turns out today.

Let me add this.  For the size 36, you bind off 6 stitches each time until you get the proper number of stitches remaining on the needles.  For the first two bind offs, this puts you right in the middle of the purl or knit stitches that frame the cable column.  Because of this I have spaced my bind off stitches every four or seven stitches so I don’t split a column.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block or Knitter’s Block or Both?

  1. Bad kitty! My poodle had a penchant for playing in my yarn until I gave her a ball of her own to play with. Then she left mine alone. One afternoon, all was too quiet. I called her name, and she came scampering out from the direction of my studio, with 600 yards of ice blue, hand dyed Cherry Tree Hill Orenburg Lace wrapped around her little paws. The little minx had openned a ZipLoc bag and helped herself to the beautiful soft ultra fine, soft, luxury yarn! It remains a hopeless tangle that I still have not had the heart to throw away. I took Abbie with me to the knitting circle a few times as a puppy to socialize her. She certainly was social! She tried to steal yarn out of other knitter’s totes! Now, she is bored with yarn, and chews on our Chihuahua instead.

    • Ooohhhhh, I have some of that lace in a heavy plastic bag with a real zipper. I know just how you feel. You know, I love to untangle stuff, from gold chain necklaces to yarn. If you want, send it to me and I’ll work on it for a while and see if I can make any headway into untangling it. After I finish Abigail’s sweater. But, I imagine it’s not going anywhere in it’s current state. Really, I’d be glad to do it.

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