In the Mean Time

While I’ve been at a standstill over the short-row shoulders, I’ve been working the ruffle on the Latifa scarf from  It’s a mindless knit that I can do without concentration.  I’ve timed how long it takes to do one ruffle and it’s just under 30 minutes. What takes so long is the bind off. At this rate, I have a few more hours of knitting.  I am enjoying thinking about my niece who will be the recipient at Christmas!


4 thoughts on “In the Mean Time

  1. I’ve made 2 scarfs with Ruffles which really bring a scarf to life, but I have a question?

    Are the ruffles supposed to be on both sides?

    • When I knitted Latifah, I just did ruffles on one side. You can see pictures on my Ravelry project page. I’m “cottonblossom.” And Thank You for visiting my web site. I’m getting ready to add a new post in the week-end called “Starting Over.” take care, Beth

      • Thanks Beth, I have put the ruffles on one side, but just wondered if this is correct as you cant see on the original pattern, my neices are the recipients, and they love them, i knitted them hand warmers last year and mobile phone covers too. xx

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