My Favorite Saucepan Killed

The other day I was boiling hotdogs for my husband and the burner shorted out/exploded and ruined my favorite pot by burning a hole in the bottom.  I’ve had this pot since the mid-70’s; I’ve moved it all over the southside of Birmingham and north Alabama and now it’s ruined.  It’s not that I’m such a good cook.  It’s that the pot and I had a shared history.  I brought it to my marriage 25 years ago.  I boiled baby bottles in it.  My daughter uses (correction: used)  it to make fudge  I can’t quite bring myself to throw it away.  Somebody asked if I had let the water boil out and burned it that way.  NO.  The pot was full of water and it went all into the top of the stove.  What a yucky mess.  There’s a hole in the coil where it burned out/exploded.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, my head was turned.  At first, I thought it was the microwave, but it wasn’t that.  And something else happened to the wiring for, on the back of the stove where the dials are, the light remains on indicating a burner is still hot.  It has me discombobulated.  That’s not really a word according to Spell Check but I like to use it.  I think it’s very descriptive of how I feel sometimes.  Mail-order Target offers a replacement for the Farberware and it’s called “Classic.”  I should say so….it is a classic.  Here’s a picture of the pot and burner:

Knitting is coming along with the Central Park Hoodie but I need to learn how to do short row bind off for the shoulders.  YouTube and other sites are very helpful.  One that I like so far is “Nona Knits.” I’ll be glad when I learn how to link.  It’s cold, and rainy, and windy outside.  Perfect for knitting.


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Saucepan Killed

    • Still haven’t replaced the pan but the stove had been replaced! And this one has a few bells and whistles. It beeps when the oven reaches it’s set temp and I push a button to turn it on and to turn it off! The clock works, the timer works and…..the oven light works. Such simple things can make me happy.

      Have posted a couple of pictures and comments on the status of the CPH this morning. Have to go sit in an office in the morning. Should be able to get some quality knitting time in.:)

  1. Oh, gosh, I’m with you on mourning the loss of your 25 year old Farberware. The new stuff just is not as good as the old. Better start haunting the thrift and the secondhand stores to find a pan just as good as the one that blew up! Meanwhile, I think the wiring on your stove should be checked, or perhaps a new one should be considered for safety’s sake!

    • After telling several people about the incident some concerns were expressed about how lucky we were the house didn’t burn! And a new stove was delivered a week ago. I was so excited about it I painted the kitchen. It had been Blah Vanilla for long enough, in fact….too. too long. I’m trying to type with Coco in my lap and draped over my right arm. How can I resist such softness??

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