The Dreaded Kitchener Stitch Made Easy

I’m finishing the socks for my sister-in-law and looked for a video on YouTube and the first one I tried has almost 200 thousand hits and it was just OK.  I had to take out the toe after discovering a noticeable mistake.  I decided that there had to be another video that was easier to understand and found this one because it was headlined how to memorize it.  And, I think I have!  I still have the other sock to finish off so we’ll see,  I might have to sneak a look.

I did it.  After looking at the set up stitches, I was off! –  to finish the grafting on the toe and I never looked up.  I’m so proud of myself. While doing the stitches, I was thinking I could do this same thing to a pair of full gloves.  That may have to be my next project – if not another pair of socks!  I am so pleased.  It’s no longer a big deal and something to be postponed and avoided.  It’s very late, ohhh, much later than I thought.  Pictures come tomorrow.  But it’s technically ‘today.’


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