I really want to expand my habit of (getting involved) with my forums on Ravelry.  I am a member of several forums but really interact with only two or three, those at the top of my page.  There’s one on blogging that I’m really interested in following.  Right now I’m still trying to learn how post my favorite websites and my Ravelry link on My Knitting Circle.

Life has been rather hectic lately.  Have set aside my v-neck top and am doing some serious knitting on a prayer shawl for my niece’s daughter.  It’s taken me a little over a week to finish the mate to the socks I’m knitting for my sister-in-law.  Her birthday is October 2nd and they’ll be a gift for her. She’s in need of prayers, too.

September is two-thirds over and I’ve not begun knitting for Christmas!  I have a list that includes half-fingered gloves and full-fingered gloves, a tea cozy, a hat and miscellaneous sachet pillows and whatever else is on my list.  I need to find my notebook.  Right now I’m headed for the woods way behind the house looking for my black cat.  She hasn’t been home for two nights but considering the almost-full moon and warm weather, I’m not too surprised.


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