On A Mission

I once considered these the ‘forever’ socks but I’m on a mission to finish these socks sooner than later.  My beloved SIL is not well at the moment and they’re intended for her.  The pattern has finally become intuitive and can work it without too much concentration. However, the sock yarn combined with the size 1 needles mean I have to be careful to not drop stitches.  I really don’t like having to figure out how to pick up a dropped SSK stitch.

Originally these socks were for me but when I realized that the ankle part of the sock wasn’t going over Big Foot here (me) and I was going to gift them, I began to knit in earnest.  And, since knitting the pattern is easier, it goes a lot faster.  Soon I’ll be posting pictures of the completed pair!  I’m waiting until both socks are finished before using the kitchener stitch to close the toes.


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