My New “Food” Scale!

Guess what I got in the mail today!?  A food scale!  I bought it from Amazon after spending 45 minutes comparing costs and options, specifically tare weight option.  It took just over a week to arrive by UPS, traveling from Arizona to Alabama.  ‘Course it won’t be used much for food.  I mainly got it for weighing my yarn.  I’m in Weight Watchers and occasionally have the need to weigh chicken or a hamburger.  BTW, I’ve lost 37+ pounds since starting and have 12 pounds more to lose!  Right now I’m pushing the envelope a little bit to see just what I can get by with.  I know, I know, that’s not quite right but if given the choice between a piece of homemade chocolate pie or a three-course meal, nutrition is going to lose.

Right away I weighed the finished Spring Forward sock to make sure I had enough yarn to finish the mate.  I’m still learning about how much yarn it takes to knit a particular project.  I was concerned about the yarn since the pattern is mostly YOs and SSK and K2tog stitches.  However, since weighing it on my shiny, new scale, I should have more than enough yarn!  That pleases me to no end.


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