Found the ball band!

In cleaning off the top of my chair side-table I found the ball band for the blue and white baby cap!  It’s Baby Star, Linea Baby, color S 73 and it is made of wool.  In fact, 100% new wool merino fine shrink resistant!  It’s amazing what one finds when sorting out table tops and drawers.  However, I still haven’t found my cell phone which was lost in April.  It’s long past “misplaced.”  It’s “LOST.”  I had to get a new one and I hate having to re-enter my phone numbers; some I’ll never get back.   Unless.  What’s lost becomes found.


One thought on “Found the ball band!

  1. why are ball bands so elusive? glad you found it, and the premie caps are adorable. done just in time 🙂 i still have the ones made for my babies…

    good luck finding that phone. i was going to suggest buying a new phone (but you already did)… that seems to be the only way to find long-lost stuff. they turn up just when you finally break down and replace them.

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