Made With Love

The triplets were born yesterday; two girls and a boy, who was born first.  I finished the last cap just in time, the night before. I’m a great procrastinator and this time was no exception.  It occurred to me last week that the babies were due Friday and I had completed only one of the caps so I started knitting almost non-stop.  The knitting was interrupted by substitute teaching but I did finish the boy’s cap Thursday during the regular teacher’s planning period when she has no students.  Just imagine, a whole hour, uninterrupted, for knitting. (sigh)  The first cap I knitted was the pink and green self-striping yarn from Bernat Baby Jacquards in Spearmint Candy.  The second cap was knitted from Berroco Comfort DK, in color number 2842.  The ball band for the third cap, the blue and white, was lost  but do remember that it was wool.

When looking for patterns for these caps I went to Ravelry, my favorite site for anything related to knitting.  I looked for ‘preemie’ and ‘free’ and found these patterns from Carissa Browning; Preemie Hats for Charity.  They were fun to make and I could finish one in a day if I neglected everything else, including dinner. I also discovered I like knitting in the round on small needles.  Small shiny needles that are very smooth.  My favorite brand is Hiya Hiya, which I like to purchase from Memory Hagler Knitting in Birmingham.

This afternoon, the babies’ grandmother came by the house to pick up the caps.  I told her give the mother a hug for me.


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