If Not For the Mistakes

If it were not for the mistakes and frogging I have to keep doing, I’d be finished with these socks by now.  I think they’d make a lovely pair of gloves.  Maybe when I finish these socks, I’ll make a pair of gloves using this lace pattern.  That’s being optimistic isn’t it?  ‘When…” The pattern is Spring Forward by Linda Welch and published in Knitty, Summer 2008.   The yarn is Berrocco’s Comfort Sock and I’m using size 1 needles from Hiya Hiya.  I love working with this yarn but I have to concentrate when I’m knitting the lace pattern. It’s really an easy pattern to memorize and there’s no reason why I haven’t been able to pay attention while knitting.  That’s why I’ve had to frog so much.  I especially cannot watch television.  I’ll keep you posted on its progress.  Hopefully I’ll finish before this time next year.


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