Don’t Assume, Always Count

Am desperately trying to finish a summer sweater before the summer is over.  I’m working on the front of a v-neck sleeveless sweater and did not count the stitches on each side of the vee after binding off the center two stitches.  Or so I thought were the center two stitches.  After knitting about 14 rows, I looked and it appeared off center so I counted.  Yep.  One side was two stitches wider.  I thought about not decreasing for a couple of rows but looked at the edge and it was so nice with the decreases just so.  I knew that idea wouldn’t work.  Only one thing would work… I frogged down to where the knitting divided for the neckline and started over again.  After binding off the center stitches, I counted twice to make sure both sides were even.  Off to the races.  Again.


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